Sold Selling EU 58 lvl Witch 185/187/248 TRI Dandelion, 58 lvl Kuno, pearl shop items

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  1. Orotharr

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    EU Server

    Witch 58 lvl
    -185 AP/ 187 Awakened AP/ 248 DP
    -192 Energy Points, 170 Contribution Points
    -T6 Horse (Sprint, Drift, Instant Acc)
    -27 million silver, 156 million in asset value
    - Value pack active till 19.01, 7 day Value pack in inventory
    - 4200 Loyalties Points

    - Ultimate Grunil Helmet TRI
    - Red Nose's Armor DUO
    - Bheg's Gloves DUO
    - Ultimate Taritas Shoes TRI
    - Liverto Staff TRI
    - Ultimate Steel Dagger TRI
    - Dandelion Aad Sphera TRI
    - Ancient Weapon Core PRI
    - Ancient Guardian's Seal DUO
    - 2x Witch's Earring PRI
    - 2x Sahazad's Ring of Monarch

    Pearl shop items:
    - Acher Guard Outfit
    - Treant Armor & weapon
    - 3x lvl 10 pets (cat and hawk tier 1, penguin tier 3)

    Kunoichi 58 lvl(no gear)
    peral shop items:
    - Golden Scale Outfit & Weapon
    - Badane Glasses
    - Checked Beige Underwear

    5 more low level characters for energy management

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    Account comes with linked email adress hosted on microsoft's ( you can't change email adress at the account page) link:

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.