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    Herro~! Well like everything comes down to an end, I'm selling this elsword account.

    Which has
    Trans. Dimension Witch lv97
    Trans. Void Princess lv92
    Trans. Elemental Master lv95
    The 3 aishas has every trans passive, tran slots and b slots.
    Dimension Witch has Miho with fetch
    Elemental Master has Millenium Fox, Raincoat Rebi, Berthe Jr., Medusa and Sacred Fox - Red Spirit Mount
    Void Princess has Miho with Fetch
    Bunny Costume.
    Lord of the Other World 7/8 - Only missing weapon
    Thanatos Set 8/9 - No hair and no thorns bracelet.
    DKA 5/5 [helmet not hair]
    Eltrion accessories 3/3 [Dark proc].
    Ereda Necklace and bracelet.
    +11 Enhanced Glitter Weapon lv85
    +9 Enhanced Glitter set
    the 3 has Magician sit pose
    DW has teacup sit motion
    Account also has
    Arme Thaurmage
    Yama Raja [Has Miho, B Slot, no trans] lv80
    Dreadlordl lv 80 [No trans]
    And other chars which I dun pay any mind

    For more info contact me at: [email protected]

    Offer please and price can be negotioable only thro Paypal tho and payment first

    Thanks \o/
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.