Selling Diamond 1 acc Nordic east Eu

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    I have boost my old platinum v acc until Diamond 1. It has 1262 wins, it has never been banned 4 rune pages , almost all champs , gold banner at 3v3 and silver at 5v5 Skins : ALL of shaco except masked and workshop, all on noc except legendary and ravager,debonair jayce, feral warwick,headhunter yi,chosen yi ,battlecast xerath,legacy professor ryze,hired gun graves,perseus and glaive warrior pantheon,superb villain veigar,vayne dragonslayer and aristocrat,mythic cassi, victorious janna, judgement kayle , grim reaper karthus I think lol isnt for me anymore im bored of it .. So i wanna sell my acc . the price acc is on 300 euros and its negotiable .... :-0 If u want extra info add me at my acc xAizenxz for more info !
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.