Selling CHEAP 6 year old Eve account 66m SP with carrier

Discussion in 'Eve Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by EVE, 9/26/13.

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    This account was born January 2004. Selling as no longer have time to play the game, comes with some great assets to jump straight into the game. 55,000,000 ISK currently in the wallet however great assets. This account comes with the below fully fitted T2 ships. Carriers: Thanatos Battleships: Megathron Command Ships: Sleipnir Heavy Assault Cruisers: Vagabond Battlecruisers: Drake, Hurricane Assault Frigates: Harpy, Jaguar Heavy Interdictors: Broadsword Interdictors: Sabre Recon Ships: Arazu Covert Ops: Buzzard Stealth Bomber: Manticore Interceptors: Crow, Claw, Ares So 16 fully fitted ships plus a hangar full of spare items. Onto skill points, account has 66m skill points, also features a full set of +4 implants. A brief outlook of skill tree; Drones 15 skills 7,062,231 points Electronics 17 skills 4,752,107 points Engineering 16 skills 2,258,907 points Gunnery 30 skills 14,974,079 points Navigation 10 skills 5,501,793 points Spaceship Command 31 skills 18,073,446 points Some important skills; Advanced Spaceship Command 5 Battlecruisers 5 Command Ships 4 Capital Ships 4 Gallente Carrier 4 Gallente Battleship 5 Heavy Assault Cruisers 5 Heavy Assault Ships 5 Heavy Interdictors 4 Gallente Cruiser 5 Caldari Cruiser 5 Minmatar Cruiser 5 Recon Ships 5 Bomb Deployment 5 Jump Drive Calibration 5 Jump Drive Operation 5 Jump Fuel Conservation 4 Capital Remote Armor Repair systems 4 Capital Repair systems 4 Fighters 5 Advanced Weapon Upgrades 5 Capital Hybrid 4 Large Blaster Specialisation 5 Am taking offers on this account. PM me or reply here with any offers. Paypal verified. Regards.
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