Sold Selling CF EU 3 stars + 10 vvip+ lots of rp guns

Discussion in 'Crossfire Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by DontLook, 8/12/17.

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    I don't play the game anymore, got a couple of vvips guns, lots of rp guns. I do accept psc or paypal. Serious offers only.
    The reason I'm selling the account is as I said, I don't play it anymore and If u check my latest posts I'm hooked in another game which is called Bit Heroes and I need funds to buy my items there.

    VVIP in the account:
    Ak47 beast eye
    Ak47 knife iron beast
    Awm infernal dragón
    Barret M82A1 born beast
    Barret M82A1 crimson shark
    Desert eagle born beast
    B.C-axe beast
    VVIP character the fates

    Not gonna bother to list the RP guns because I have too many. Just check my profile link.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.