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    Buying decent pure.My is: [email protected] : S_O_U_P1 Looking for a pure with: *40-60 Attack (Perhaps 70) *70-90 Strength *70-90 Range *80~Mage *1-20 Defence *Desert Treasure done *Having one of these money making skills, Hunter, Mining, Fishing. *No RSGP on the account Note: The account doesn't have to have all of these, although it would help. Thanks. Offering up to 12M and these two runescape accounts Accoun 1 is now 80 Magic.[rsgp] Selling Ownage Ags Pure! 90 Str! 82 Mage Firecape!DT, RFD(mith), MM DONE A/W: 40M RSGP Not accepting paypal. May accept swap if it's appropriate. Will use official MM or I'll go first if you're very trusted. Post offers here. EDIT: Will delete recoveries after I find a buyer, will proceed to send screenshots of this if needed.[RSGP ONLY] 3 med level pures, cheap, #! [RSGP ONLY]Hey guys, I'm looking to sell my 3 med level pures for some RSGP. I've mainly cleaned them of any wealth that I could, but since you can't trade members objects in F2P, they still have a decent amount of wealth. 2 of them have recoveries which I will end up removing if you are a serious buyer. I don't use any of these accounts anymore, and if I hadn't had tried to sell these a few months back, I could have login screenies saying 200+ days ago. Hopefully someone will be interested in any or some of these accounts, because I don't have much of a use for them anymore. :3 My :[email protected] Account #1: Account #2: ^Note the 4 character name, and its a pretty good runescape name, at least in my opinion. Account #3: ^ Hati gloves have like 70% charge left I think, enough to get it med 70's strength. Well thats about it, if I'm forgetting anything post a reply below and I'll be sure to fix it! Thanks for reading, -Jason[RSGP]Selling awesome Lv. 71 F2P tank (70 ranged, 70 attack, 75 def!)This account is very nice for its' combat level. I was originally going to make this my main months back until I got my actual main account back. Since then, I decided to train the defense and range on this account and sell it so I could start my current main off nicely. Anyways, here are the pictures. Like the title says, I ONLY accept RSGP. I will also not be going first, due to recent scam attempts in the past. My lack of post count may not make you trust me, but if you want to be in the safe side, get an MM. As for the amount...I'm not quite sure. I'll accept your offer if I see an amount that I feel suits me nicely. If you want to talk on , please add me! [email protected] If the trade goes through well, all I request is a vouch from you on this thread so I may do this again in the future!|Quested| Level 67 Pure (No swaps)Hey guys, trust here with one of my pures *Read whole thread before posting, and I will only go first to 25+ vouches or a OMM will be used at your cost* Edit: Has 94 mage now! Wealth Combat level Stats It has full Zammy, Guthix, Zaros, and Bandos books. As well as around 2-4m junk in bank. You can see that I have completed Desert Treasure and Monkey madness. I have also done all other pure quests besides Avas and have the alchs for 94 mage. I also have 6k raw salmon for 66 cooking for addy rfd gloves. The attack levels were quested also Last time botted: 6 weeks ago. Name Change: 7 days Membership credit left: 7 days (I have an upgrade if you want to buy) Price is # so post away I can sell with, or without the wealth Pics did not show so here are links. Level 72 AccountI'm selling a lvl 72 account. Send me money through paypal. If you want to buy the account, email me at [email protected] I'm willing to give it for the price you offer.[SWAP]Swapping lvl91 45 def for a f2p pureI want to swap this lvl91 account for a good f2p pure, prefer a range 2her with only 40-50 att. Stats: Login: 124 main 83+5 pureokay guys I'm looking for offers at the moment for a level 124/117 main its 97 attack 99 str 84 def 93 range 96 mage 98 hp almost maxed more or less barrows gloves full void minus mage helm barrows and torso no cash the pure is 73 attack 86 str 83 range 72 mage 25 def addy gloves dt mm and all pure quests done except rune gloves. my is [email protected]
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