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    Destructive Pker lvl 71I dont really know how much its worth so lets see who bids the highest =] ancient magicks related name also a little bonus[99 Mage, Range, Str, Hp] Maxed Initiate Pure [Rune Gloves, Fully Quested!] ( 1 2)Sold!-Cheap Account Shop(Pures/Turmoil/Ovls)-Look Inside ( 1 2)So I Have These Accounts For Sale..Right Now,Im Only Accepting RSGP Till I Get My Paypal Back Working. Rules: -Im Only Going First To People With 50+ Vouches. -If I Dont Think Your Trusted Enough We Will Use An OMM(50/50 Fees). -If The Account Has Recoverys/E-mail,It Will Be Removed Via Recovery Test Done By An OMM. -Leave Your Offer With ,So I Can Contact You If I Decide To Take The Offer. ACCOUNT #1 ACCOUNT #2 ACCOUNT #3 ACCOUNT #4 ACCOUNT #5 GOOD LUCK OFFERING!selling 98cb zerker 45 def 99 str 75 atk 99 mage, quested, offers rsgp onlyhay guy's im selling my zerker its nilly completed it has 128 qp, has done all the reqs for barrows gloves just need more qp, has done luner and ancaints, its has untrimed str cape trimed mage and str, it has 1300+ total lvl it all so has 1 month membership left good pking account, 99 str 99 mage 75 atk 45 def 52 prayer 81 mining fire cape rune defender a/w 85m| 80 Dung | 98 Mage | Rune pure | PP/RSGP | Great skill stats | 90 Range | QuestedSelling My Rune pure because i would like to pure pk some more. This account is fully quested, I will meet up in game w/ you to confirm all quests and such. I am the original owner of this account and will provide the buyer all the information. A/W: 65M/50$ S/B: 45M/$30 ~Rules Of Trade~ - I will not be going FIRST - We can work out some type of 50/50 if needed. - Taking Rsgp and Paypal ONLY. ~Noticeable Quests~ - Monkey Madness - Rfd- Rune Gloves - Horror from the deep - Lost city - Dragon slayer - Fremmnick trails - 3 letter name - All defence quests done - All required quests for Lunar diplomancy/Desert treasure/ And required skills for those quests ~Noticeable Items~ - Rune Gloves - Cooking cape - Penguin points - 3 God books - Organized bank, Ready to pk with. - About 1.5M in bank ~Pictures~ Have fun bidding, - Alired[MoneyBookers][CHEAP] 95 Str 90 Mage 76 Att 21 Def Pure! [PAYPAL][MONEYBOOKERS]Again, I'm not new to account selling, only to sythe. I'm fairly trusted on PowerBot, (Join date 2009, 16 Feedback, 240 Posts) So do not strike me as a noob. I'm selling my very nice initiate pure, the defence is pretty quested. It has up to addy gloves on RFD, has a lot of useful quests done including MM and DT so for now it can pot to barrage. Some very nice skilling stats including 64 farming 65 Thieving and 65 Agility, along with a pretty rare 3 letter name. It's pretty wiped with only 3.7m and some more in bank. Very great account, it was my ags pure. Maxed in the high 600s with AGS, it owned everybody. Can also be turned into a korasi pure. I DO NOT TAKE ANYTHING EXCEPT MONEYBOOKERS & PayPal (As a gift!) NO RSGP, NO SWAPS, ONLY MONEYBOOKERS. Post/Pm for my !selling gmaul pure. 99 range 90 hp 1 def 87 str 85 mage 73 combat!!! [RSGP]DT 1/4th done, + combo of gettin addy gloves will give u 50 attack. lookin for rsgp only will not be goin first, use mm at ur own expenses ALSO IS: [email protected] online as of 11 pm eastern may 14thSelling a Void Handcannoner!add my [email protected] if you email me ill send you pictures. stats - 92 range 42 defence 42 Attack 60 strength 44 prayer 50 magic its a member untill the 24th of may has full void on him. --------- OFFERS --------- 1. 2. 3.
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