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    [RSGP] CHEAP 91 str pure [RSGP]sold to v st4k3r vSelling accounts 1m eachAccount #1 Account #2 Account #3 Account #4 Contact [email protected] Quote: Originally Posted by T R 1 B A L Vouch to Sophies, trustworthy and reliable. Quote: Originally Posted by SellingNRItemsGp Vouch, super trusted. Will continue doing business. Trusted with 1b+ NR [[/ Uploaded with Quote: Originally Posted by ip0wns Vouch to Sophies sold me 1 upgrade and he went first. Very smooth trade! Quote: Originally Posted by FacelessVoid Big Vouch for Sophies. She has bought my pure and went first great customer! Recommended! Quote: Originally Posted by i kill j00 Vouch for Sophies! I baught 500M NRPK gp off her she went first in increments. Recommended![RSGP] Selling fully quested pure! 62 Combat, 82 Mage, DT Done, Membership [MUST SEE]Hey guys staking unit. I'm selling my pure because I have recently recovered my main back after being banned for a year and I need money for it. I've completely lost interest in pures so that's why i'm selling. I've never botted this account, and it's fully quest with mith gloves. I have also filled up the guthix book which also cost a few mills. I'm ONLY looking for RSGP. I'm willing to use an OMM if you pay fees. Thanks. Take a look at these pics ... If interested add [email protected] on , thanks60 Atk 99 Str 99 Range Pker / Staker!!?SELLING OWNAGE INITIATE PURE!!! / STAKER!!!! STARTING BID: 10$ OR 10M A/W: 60$ OR 60M TRADING METHODS: #1. WILL GO 1ST TO HIGHLY TRUSTED SYTHE MEMBERS #2. USING OMM #3. 50.50 (DEPENDS) #4. YOU 1ST IF INTERESTED ADD MY [email protected][SWAP][SALE][RSGP] iReapz Amazing Account Shop !! [RSGP][SWAP][SALE]Hey sythe i am putting an account shop on here and i will be adding accounts when i get them. i am not here to scam.., i may only have 2 vouches but i promise you i am here to scam no one... i am happy with using a MM Or OMM... So thets get on with the accounts shall we Acc 1: Lvl 118 1.2m cash 99 str + More A/W- $(Offer)... RS-GP- 40M ONO OR A SWAP (PLEASE OFFER) PIC: Acc 2: Lvl 3, 99 Fish, 65 Agility + More A/W- $45ono.... RS-GP: 22.5M ono...... Or A Swap PIC: So there You Have It Please If You have any Questions or Offer's Please Add Me On My : [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Good Trade's 3 Bad Trade's 1 (Scammed out of 22m) Lateset Vouch (wrong section lol) : sythe/showthread.php?t=1034963 CHEER'S !!!!!!!![BUYING][RSGP]Good Pure[RSGP] ( 1 2)Willing to spend 200m. Hi, I'm looking for a good pure to replace mine because I'm too lazy to train it, (lol). I have 200m, so thats the highest I'm willing to go. I'd really like a good pure with some 99's, but I'd settle for a good initiate/rune pure. I realize that this is my first post and I don't expect you guys to trust me.So, I am willing to go first if you have vouches and are a trusted person. Just link me to your thread that your selling a pure on or post the stats here. Don't ask for my , I'll message you/ask for your if I'm interested.Selling Range tank 89 cbBarrage+veng+rune gloves+100 qps+1200+total 90range/94mage/60atk/70str/52prayer :[email protected] : Ben.Clelland Will use OMMLvl 98 - 77 atk 95 str 47 def 90 hp 91 range 94 mage [Cheap]was a initiate pure.. but then got hacked and trained to 47 def manually :[ has practically every pure quest done -Nature Spirit -Desert Treasure -All the quest neccesarry for Rune gloves -Monkey Madness etc. i left the acc with no money, but it can still be made into a good staker Not looking for much ,but mainly paypal since i need to renew my vps and built up my pure if its a good offer, ill accept rsgp Post here and add [email protected]
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