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    (rsgp) M Y A W E S O M E A C C O U N T S H O PHEY GUYS THESE ARE SOME PRO ACCOUNTS CHECK THEM OUT IM LOOKING FOR RSGP FOR MY NEW PURE AND I WANNA SELL THESE ACCOUNTS PRIVATE MESSAGE ME IF INTERESTED 89=RUNE PURE 90STR 79DUNG 84=92RANGE 95MAGE 84STR 35=GR8 STARTER 85DUNGEONEERING 200K+ TOKENS FOR CHAOTIC 4 account cheap/staker/tank/stre pure/ruined pureWelcome to my thread Autowin 120m for all of them i want to get rid of em all Note:I only taking rsgp.... Rules: You will Post This Form down To make thingseasier,Ill negotiate with you until i find you truthworthy.Ill wount go first. Form Which account? Do you have ? Do you agreed to the rules? As follow Ill Post a Number of Screenshots of every Account stats 1# Autowin:45m 2# Autowin:35m 3# autowin:20m 4# 10m Thats all i have for now MY and only :[email protected][CHEAP][RSGP] Marred's Account Shop! [RSGP][CHEAP] ( 1 2 3)Level 72 Range Pure for Sale [95 Range 80 HP 44 Pray] ( 1 2)[RSGP] Selling Amazing Staking Account! [RSGP][RSGP] Selling Amazing Staking Account! [RSGP]this got ruined can no longer sell.Level 72 Range Pure for Sale [95 Range 80 HP 44 Pray] ( 1 2)Range Pure for Sale! E-Mail: [email protected] : [email protected] If I am not Online, then you can send me an e-mail. If I am available, I will be on my . The above pictures include the Character, the Stats, Rune Items that I have Pked recently in F2P, the bank, and offence history. This Pure could easily get 99 range with around 10k Red Chins at Mummies since it has 44 Prayer. This is NOT a scam. I am done playing RS and I seriously want to sell this account. I have all the information because I am the original owner of this account. I am looking for the best offer on this account. I am also selling my level 90 Main: sythe/showthread.php?t=1186897[CHEAP][RSGP] Marred's Account Shop! [RSGP][CHEAP] ( 1 2 3)sold all of the accounts i wanted to will possibly sell more soon
Thread Status:
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