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    [Rsgp,Vouched] Great Pure Fully Quested Rc Robes [Rsgp,Vouched]Perfect Pure that could easily be turned into a dung pure This account is fully quested, 81 combat and can easily get a chaotic weapon using rsbuddy for like 5 days.Has no black marks on it. : [email protected] rune pure 60-99-40 31 prayer mm done 80 fishin must look! ( 1 2 3)idk what i want swap or pp make an offer i'll decide in 3 weeksSelling and Bunne Ears Account! [RSGP]Hi everyone, looking to sell this and bunny ears account. it is my account and i have all info for it. looking for rsgp only, please post an offer and add my ! [email protected] Stats: Holiday Items: combat: LEvel 60 Hybrid - 91 Hunt - 15m A/W!!Hey sythe. I'm here to sell my pure, RSGP only. I'm the original owner, and will supply all information. The A/w is only 15m, I need some cash for the turmoil pure I'm working on. [email protected] Note: Scammers, Don't even waste your time. I'm not stupid. 5 Vouches in my vouch thread. Bank will include around 1m:[Good Starter Pure] Level 521-2 months of members left, good g mauler stats: lvl 52 atk:50 str:63 range:70 magic:60 hp:63 prayer:1 defense:1 Skiller stats: woodcutting:72 cooking:42 quests completed: death plateau dwarf cannon fight arena tree gnome village waterfall quest its a good starter account for member pking, has 1-2 months left of membership on it, pm me in game at "dude what up" and give me an offer, asking for rsgold.Decent Hybrid [ 94 Magic, 92 Range ]no set price, just offer. : [email protected][Rsgp]2 accounts for sell [Rsgp]Offer for either? on here and then add my i well go first to trusted people only. Uploaded with : [email protected] a epic tank:)It's a 90 range 58 defence 50 prayer tank can take out 3 people stacked that good. It's CB is 85. Has 60 attack 61 strength working on that membership I will buy more if you trade.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.