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    selling a sick rnage 2her:// recovs none :// stats 40 attack 54 str and 68 range will not go first unless your well trusted willing to use good mm or omm. CLick the maginiying glass if you cna't see pics. A/w50 mill. Bids start at 5 mill.Free > Start Pure < [Mith Gloves]wanting to get rid of my old pure i gave up on once it lost member it has started mm and has mith gloves was going to make a d claw pure i just wanted to give it to somone who may have lost an account and is trying to start back a pure stats may be a lil bit better G Maul Rusher.Hey guys! I'm selling my low level Granite Maul rushing account. The account has NO Recoveries or E-Mail to it's name, I am the original owner of the account, It also comes with membership until the 18th of November For those that can't see pics the stats are: - 50 Attack - 55 Strength - 1 Defence - 13 Prayer - 82 Magic - 48 Range - 50 Hitpoints Has a few non combat skills (total is 903) but I won't go through them Quests, Now the account has done RFD (Up to mith gloves, has done pre-req's for MM just hasn't done the quest), Desert treasure and has plenty of Camel masks with a total of 60 QP's the account also has a really groovy name Not many items come with the account mostly just questing ones, ghostly robes, mith gloves, camel masks PICTURES Okay guys I apoligize, but for some reason when ever I try to upload it just doesn't want to work for me, anyone that'd be able to give me any pointers? yes I've followed the "How to take/crop/upload pictures" guide in Runescape Screenshots section. Starting bet: 3.5M A/W: Membership pin OR 15M, Will be using MM/OMM, Unless you'd like to go first[OBBY MAULER] with 99 cooking, RSGP ONLY!SELLING MY OBBY MAULER WITH: 1 attack 60 strength 1 defence 49 hit points 40 range 1 prayer 1 magic 99 COOKING! RSGP ONLY!»» AMAZING Pure w/99 Cooking! CHEAP! No Recovs/Email! ««Sold The Account[rsgp Or Paypal] Cb 76 10 Def 94 Str PureGot nothing to say really. All offers welcome. Just post the offer and leave your here . Picture of Stats and Bank:Selling zeal pure [P2P till 11.17] 200+ zealsAccepting RSGP only. Also, name has 3 digits. Login: Uploaded with Stats/zeals: Uploaded with A/w: 10M Contacts: - [email protected] : alexiux007selling accounts!nr1:cb 27,qp is 7 and bank is 0/login whit email nr2:qp 52,lost city,monkey madness.CB 64.Bank is low nr 3:range pure,cb 42 qp on 8 and bank is 0 all accounts have email and recovers on,because i cant take this off PRICE IS OFFER
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