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    [RSGP] Amazing 1 Def AGS Pure! [150m a/w]I'm looking to sell this amazing AGS pure that I have trained myself from the moment I started the account as I want to move on and spend more time on my main. The A/W for this account is going to be 150M RSGP which in my opinion is an extremely reasonable price, we will be using an OMM for this trade which at this moment is to be decided, unless of course you are willing to go first. I will NOT be going first. All information relevant to the account's security and just all information I have collected since the account's creation will be provided, and I will not be taking any less than 85M for this account, and I will not be taking swaps, so please don't offer any. ALSO, FORGOT TO PUT IN PICS, ACC HAS FIRECAPE/ACCUMULATORS, TAKING NEW PIC AND UPLOADING IN A SECOND - [email protected] Please post here before adding my or I will not accept your request.[RSGP][SWAPS][PP] iReapz Amazing Account Shop Must Look !!!!!!!!! [PP][SWAP][RSGP]Hey Sythe im here today To Let the people of sythe view my accounts for sale...... i havent got many vouches but i supose we all have to start somewhere Lol... So on with the accounts and the rules of my Trades MY RULES OF TRADE-[/color] -No Scammers or Timewasters - I Will go first to trusted members of Sythe if Not we will use MM/OMM Of Your Choice but u pay fee's Finally Have A Happy Trade Ok The Account's... Account 1: Level 118, 99str, Firecape, 250+ QP + More A/W = 45Mono/£38 PP Or A Swap Account 2: Level 85 main + 1, Void, Torso + More !! A/W - 18M/ £15pp Or A Swap Account 3 Lvl 36 Mage Pure + More A/W 3m / £2.50pp Or A Swap Account 4 - Lvl 92 Starter Main Around 200k wealth + More A/W-10M/£8pp Or A Swap OK SO THERE YOU GO... I WILL BE ADDING MORE TO THE ACC SHOP WHEN I GET MORE ACCOUNTS IN My Services and Vouches are below !!!! please add my only [email protected] CHEER'S !!!!! My Torso, Firecape And Defender Service ---> sythe/showthread.php?t=1098896 My Vouches --> Quote: Originally Posted by Fr0stie Sold Ireapz my old main, i went first, smooth trade. Cheers. Quote: Originally Posted by I Ic3d You I went first, sucessfull trade. Thanks Mate. 5 Stars. Quote: Originally Posted by Clock work BIG VOUCH for iReapz i sold my lvl3 99 fisher HE WENT FIRST, Thanks![RSGP] Selling 73 pure, good hybriding statsHi everyone, im selling my pure offers are welcome, this account currently have recovery questions and e-mail adress, but i will cancel it as soon as i find buyer. Im the real owner of this account and i know all information about this account which will be provided, I play on my main mostly when I got time thats the reason i don't got time play on my pure anymore, if you want more information tell me your and we will talk, here are a few pics. thanks postimage/image/2x8qiv8qs/ - stats pic postimage/image/2x9c0ur5w/ - acc in green zone ban/muteSelling Account Upgrades 8M Each -FIRM PRICE-UPGRADES IN STOCK --- 2 --- Firm price ... i will not change it ! Please leave a post on here before you add me. - [email protected] Going First To People Who I Deem Trusted Otherwise We Use Official MM Or You First NO 50/50 scamming bullshit. THANKS Quote: Originally Posted by Legit Account Seller 100% Trusted Bought A Account Off This Guy And I Went First! Quote: Originally Posted by nooblets Vouch for ' mm to be' trade went reasonably smooth apart from his paranoia :L .buying a rs puretrying to buy a pure, any stats low defence, i got 3 vouches, dont mind going first if you are really trusted. add me on [email protected] thankyouSelling awesome 1 def pure!: [email protected] Offer must be 20m+. Quests done: -Monkey Madness -Horror from deep - Lost city - Req quests for dt. Stats: Lobby: Offense:Selling lvl 97 [ 99 range 96 mage ] full void melee + rangehey there guys im taking 70m RSGP for this account as im making a new pure! add my if you are interested, this is an amazing account for PvP + staking and for armadyl it still has 1 month members left on it so hurry up! thanks guys! : [email protected][RSGP,PP] Selling Turmoil Pure, check it.Can meet ingame any time. Has recovs, email set, will remove as soon as I find a serious buyer. It's 84 CB, has all reqs for rune gloves other than Plague City and Biohazard; do those and I'll gladly get you rune gloves after you buy it. 100+ QP, so if you wanna go zerker or whatever you're not too far from barrows gloves. That's it really...I'll even throw in a glitch to keep the cape trimmed after (if) you want to go for 99 Magic/Smithing because that's what I was going for and I just gave up. In conclusion, I'm 100% the owner, if you have ANY problems at all I'm the only person you should contact. I've been a Sythe member for years and I don't have the intention of being banned for something ridiculously idiotic like scamming a kid out of some money. I'm a legit person, ask around, many know me and they know I'm a legit dude. I'm moving on from this account, I can leave you 99 Smithing & Magic banked if you want, all I need to do is move my rares off the account and I'm done. Price: Offer, but absolutely nothing less than 220M. If you want to offer paypal, offer me at least 150$ because honestly questing and prayer training was expensive and annoying as love you to train man. I just hope the Prayer money at least comes back. Thanks everyone, if you have any questions or offers feel free to post; I'm here (on the PC) almost 24/7. If you want to buy, post your and I will add you and when you receive the add, ALWAYS request a PM.[/quote]
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