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    [AW/35m!]INSANE level 53 withx2 99s[99 magic-99 fletching-]*cheap*!before we start i am the only original owner of this account =] i pushed alot of work , i never ever ever botted on it 'no black marks' as you can see,its level 53 wc with 99 magic and fletching! it has NO RECOVRIES OR EMAIL!AND NO BLACK MARKS!as i said above i never botted on it it has also 15exp in fletching =] (not the normal 13m) why buy from me?i absolutely know all informations about this account and im willing to provide them to the buyer also there are no recovries or email:] A/W is:35m ;-) add me on [email protected] after posting here if you have a good offer i am only going first for trusted ppl only!we can use a MM or OMM! also keep the 1.8mSELLING 4 MEMBERS ACCOUNTS ALL FOR 20m A/W !!!I am the original owner, accounts do not have recoveries or emails. I have all recovery information need for the accounts. Check this thread for more information: sythe/showthread.php?t=11797913 Account BUNDLE - *CHEAP* - 3 99s - 94 Fishing - PuresHey guys I've been on these forums before on different accounts and have had 10+ vouches for the RS marketplace related sales, but anyways this is a fresh account. I need some quick cash and I just remembered I have some great pures/skillers I need to get rid of as I have no use for and I'm more into Call of Duty on the competitive level now. ***All accounts come with 0 black marks, No Recoveries and no bank pins. Anyways, the 3 accounts include 2 pures and one level 3 skiller. Account 1 has 99 magic, 99 hunter and is a BOSS in the Duel arena, I've won over 50m mage boxing with this account. Account 2 is an awesome pure with 99 thieving! Account 3 is an nice skiller level 3 with 94 fishing! *Sorry for files not being in .png, I forgot As I realize I have 0 vouches and this is my first thread, I will go first for people with 7+ vouches, mod+, staff, you name it. **If you have 0 vouches don't even attempt to ask me to go first, thank you ** All I am asking for these 3 amazing account is 35$ If you really wanted to, you could buy then resell for around 50$!! I just need some cash to buy COD4 off xbox marketplace If you are interested feel free to leave a comment here, add my : [email protected] or you can even talk to me on xbox my GT is Steal Wifi (just write sythe in message when you send fr) Thank you for reading my thread.Selling Lvl 68 w/ 240k dung tokens, 92 hunterOMM you MUST pay the fees or YOU GO FIRST only 20m starting bid 60m a/w the dung lvl on this account is still rising while we have a deal but the price will stay the same can be made into a pretty beastly fdk and it makes well over 2m a day hunting chins Add my : [email protected] 73 - 99 Mining, 95 Magic, MM+DT Done, Addy gloves, Fire capeAuto / Win => 40$ / 80M My - [email protected] Account will be sold to the highest bidder. I tried many guides to remove recoverys - none worked. If you know how to remove them - tell me. Trading methods: 1. We use OMM/VMM if you pay fees 2. You go first 3. I will go first only if you have 50+ vouches/feeds ( nowdays its nothing ) Notable things: 1. 99 mining 2. 95 magic 3. Fire cape 4. Monkey madness completed 5. Desert treausure completed 6. Addy gloves 7. Membership till 04 August99 range || 98 strength || DT+MM+GLOVES+AVA || C H E A PHi everyone, im quitting runescape, so i signed up here to sell my account. 1. It has done a lot of quests... Desert treasure Elemental workshops Monkey madness lost city Recipe for disaster till rune gloves. animal magnetism. your quest not here? just ask me if it's done. 2. The account comes with the following... - 2m wealth including few brid sets and skillcapes. - *no recoveries*, they we're never set. - *no email set* - first three passwords - my recent ip/creation ip - subscription details - creation details. - oldbank pins. - the passwords after the first three passwords and also the password which is set now. - More info can be asked. 3. pictures stats: wealth: quested items: log in screen: 4. Now read carefully, so u do not waste my time... * The a/w set on this account is 40$/60M * The s/w is 15$/20M * Please do not bid under the current bid which is right under this step. * I do not accept swaps, and i will report it as spam. Do not come with stories like u have been scammed by an mm and u don't want to use one or u been scammed for something and don't wanna go first. Cuz im not ******* going first. 5. contact [email protected] [[email protected]] brahmanand @ live . nl$$Selling nearly MAXED PURE - CB 75 - 1 DEF$$Selling my combat 75, 1 defence pure with MEMBERSHIP. Looking to sell for RSGP for my main. NO RECOVERY questions set and NO EMAIL registered. All recommended quests are completed, including addy gloves. All offers will be acknowledged. Thankyou. Stats: s1117.photobucket/albums/...nt=pure3-1.png No recovery or email: s1117.photobucket/albums/...%3Dpure1-1.png Quested items: s1117.photobucket/albums/...%3Dpure2-1.png PM, POST, or [email protected] Lvl 81+8 Pure AccI am sick of being a a high lvl pure and i need money to starta an obby mauler. The accout is hand made. Stats: Done all the good pure questes: Items: + Theres about 10 pk set left on the account. Safe: Green-zone theres no reckovery, but i dont know how to remove e-mail: I want RSGP for the account.
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