Sold Selling Bleach Online:Selling a vip 9 Us server 5.8mil bp

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    Hey i'm helping a friend sell an account.

    formation: Kirin, Hiki, Shinigami Kensei, MC, Ichibe. Speed is in that order as well

    General: 5.8mil bp, reiastu level 101, level 159, 4th in bp rank,4-6 in arena, top 20 in void, top 30 in csb.

    Kirin: 1.9mil bp, mod six about half way to seven, evo 11, exclusive skill 42, reincarnation 2

    Hiki: 1.4mil bp, mod 5, evo 10, exclusive skill 40, reincarnation 2

    Shinigami Kensei: 850k bp, mod 3, evo 7, exclusive skill 14, reincarnation 2

    Ichibe 910k bp, mod 4, evo 8, exclusive skill 9, reincarnation 2

    Notable partners: bankai rukia (rented), isshin (rented nearly finished), Ultima aizen, Shuhei Hisagi, all swp and csb partners

    Price is $400 willing to go down to 300-350, Its the best account for its price, Pm me if interested or email me at [email protected]
    Payment via paypal
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.