Selling Best PVP10 Ranger. DT/BS/Demo Included.

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    Short Description: US Server. Selling PVP10 Ranger, Full T3, 3x Full Khitai, 46 Max AAs. Selling DT, Full Set of T3+Khitai+Turan/Hoc Selling Demo, Full Set of T3+Khitai+Turan/Hoc Selling BS, Full Set of T3+Khitai+Turan/Hoc Detailed Description: Rangers are the most OP and fun class in the game right now. Join in on the fun, they're amazing. And why settle for a bad cheap ranger, get the best one and enjoy the game to the fullest. You may have seen people claiming to be selling rangers with "full t3/full khitai". Well let me break it to you, that is only 1 set of gear. Purchase this account, and you will have all of the following + more! You will not be able to buy a more geared ranger in all of North America, Guaranteed. Level 80 Ranger - PVP 10*46 maxed AA's. That's right, 46, you will not find a ranger with more. Several other AAs are close to max, and the number will increase as time continues.* GEAR (all Epic)The following gear can be mixed and matched for the best PVP results, PVE pure dps results, PVE health suit (T4/failed raids), and PVE protection suit (surviving multiple hits from Hathor-ka or Po-Sha guards as an example). Tier 3+ PVE: Included. Ask. Tier 3 PVP: Helmet, Chest, L, Shoulders, Belt, Feet, Necklace, Ring, Cloak, Shield, Arrows. Tier 3 PVE: Bow, Shield, Sword, Dagger, Shoulders, Belt, Wrist, Feet, Cloak, Necklace (2x), Rings (2x). Khitai - Tamarian Tigers: Helmet, Chest, L, Wrist, Shoulders, Feet, Gloves, Sword, Mount*. Khitai - Hyrkanians: Helmet, Chest, L, Gloves, Mount*. Khitai - Children of Yag-Kosha: Helmet, Chest, L, Gloves, Shoulders, Belt. Khitai - Scarlet Circle: Arrows. Khitai - Last Legion: Cloak. Khitai - Brittle Blade: Ring. Khitai - Yellow Priests of Yun: Ring. House of Crom - Cloak Miscellanious: Tons of Social Pets, Combat Pets, Mounts, 72 Slot Bag, Secret Khitai Necklace, +More! Tokens: T4: Yes T3: Yes Rare Relic: Yes Rare Trophy: 400+ Minigame: 1000+ Bori: 1000+ Moa: 400+ -------------------------- That's not all folk! Do you want to play another Archtype class sometimes? Well this account also includes one of each. Rogue: Ranger Soldier: Dark Templar Healer: Bearshaman Mage: Demonologist ............................ All the other characters are well geared and AA'd. T3+ ready. Also have a couple Old World Epic Purple Weapons (BOE) available. Ask me about them and I will tell you more. Also included in the account are: Khitai Expansion Pack, Turan Expansion Pack, Warlords Cache, Might of Crom, Tortage Survival Package, TSW Beta, White Tiger Mount, 56 Slot Bag, and more! Want to buy the account right now? Well if you were to buy all the packs individually, all the gold for the gear, powerleveling, and AA grinding, it would come up to over $2000 easily, and that's not including the 3000+ hours spent grinding this account. Although, realistically not many would pay that much, so I will sell this account now for $1000 or the best realistic offer over time.
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