Sold Selling Best acc/ $500 / lvl 60 / fast pls

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    Hi guys



    [email protected]

    Price $500 is negotable


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    Level 60 Valkyrie (1500+ Skill Points, 520 GS)
    Level 56 Witch (alt for boss farming)
    Level 56 Warrior
    Level 55 Dark Knight (newly released class ready for awakening)
    9 different alts for "failstacking"

    Main Gear:
    TET: Ultimate Strength Helmet of Heve
    TET: Ultimate Strength Gloves of Heve
    TET: Dandelion Lancia
    TRI: Kzarka Longsword
    TRI: Kutum/Nouver Shield
    TRI: Dim Tree Spirit's Armor
    TRI: Muskan's Shoes
    TRI: Giath's Helmet (on WITCH now)
    TRI: Bheg's Gloves (on WITCH now)
    TRI: 2x Witch's Earring
    TRI: Ring of Crescent Guardian
    TRI: Mark of Shadow
    DUO: Ogre Ring
    DUO: Basilisk Belt

    All gear is fully equipped with EXPENSIVE Gems/Crystals such as 4x Awakened Spirit's Crystal, etc.
    The total worth is over 8 BILLION SILVER!
    The AP/DP stats are 211/221/298 in Defensive Gear, and 225/235/278 in Offensive Gear.
    Plenty of other failstacking items ranging from +13 to PRI & DUO, as well as Alternative Boss Farming Gear (PRI: Kzarka Staff, PRI: Kutum Dagger, etc.) on Alts with over 20-50 Aura's from each Boss which will allow you to buy Boss Specific Weapons such as Kzarka, Nouver, Dandelion, etc.
    There's a also a TON of Food Buffs, Elixirs, Combat Experience Books, Potions and Scrolls ready for use.

    Tier 4 Dog
    Tier 3 Cat
    Tier 3 Hawk
    Tier 2 Desert Fox
    Tier 2 Penguin
    Tier 1 Cat

    Combined they have 9% Cooking Experience, 6% Training Experience, 4% Skill Experience, 5% Life Experience, 3% Alchemy Experience, 3% Processing Experience, 3% Farming Experience, 3% Gathering Experience, 2% Durability Consumption Resistance, 15% Knowledge Gain Chance, 3% Higher-Grade Knowledge Gain Chance and +1 Fishing Level Enhancement.

    Tier 8 Horse with all the best Skills & Gear maxed out which include:
    High Jump
    Hind kick
    Sideways Move
    Quick Back
    Streak Leap
    Two Seater
    Quick Stop
    Instant Acceleration
    Quick Ride
    S: Instant Acceleration
    S: Back Kick
    S: Front Kick
    The Horse has two costumes, Halloween Skeletal Outfit and Cavaro Outfit.
    There are plenty of other alternate horses and mounts with good skills (including a baby elephant and a desert camel) some of which are leveled to 30, ranging from Tier 5 to Tier 6.
    Aside from „land vehicles“ there's also an Epheria Sailboat available at the Epheria Port which is quite hard to obtain/make.

    House Fame:
    The combined house/family fame of all heroes is at around 1400 which gives about 650,000 Silver a Day!
    Noteable Life Skill/Professions:
    Master 4 Gathering 80%
    Master 6 Processing 14%
    Master 6 Cooking 43%
    Master 11 Fishing 29%
    Skilled/Professional Alchemy, Training, Trading
    Valkyrie Fitness:
    Breath Level 36
    Strength Level 23
    Health Level 35

    Pearl Items:
    The total investment done towards the Account is at around 1000€.
    [Valkyrie] Enslar Weapon & Outfit Premium Set
    [Valkyrie] Karin Weapon & Outfit Premium Set
    [Valkyrie] Desert Camouflage Premium Set
    [Valkyrie] Da-Dum Da-Dum Diving Suit
    [Valkyrie] Venecil Dress
    [Valkyrie] Venia Riding Attire
    [Valkyrie] Eye, Ear & Underwear Accessories
    [Warrior] Bolyn Weapon & Outfit Premium Set
    [Witch] Labreve Weapon & Outfit Premium Set
    [Wizard] Lord Red Weapon & Outfit Premium Set
    [Sorceress] Papillio Weapon & Outfit Premium Set
    [Maehwa] Order of the Appricot Weapon & Outfit Premium Set
    [Ranger] Sylvia Weapon & Outfit Premium Set
    [Dark Knight] Rosa Cassius Weapon & Outfit Set
    [Ninja] Lahr Arcien Weapon & Outfit Set

    Other Pearl Investments:
    The Valkyrie has 1369 LT (weight capacity) with an inventory unlock of 190 inventory slots.
    The Witch has 843 LT (weight capacity).
    Tier 8 Horse with two different costumes (Skeletal & Cavaro)
    Insane amount of Storage space in Altinova and other Cities!
    2040 Unused Pearls & a Paysafe Card available worth 30€ for you to upload even more Daum Cash (more pearls)!
    And much more!

    Valuable assets:
    There is over 2 BILLION worth of Silver in Assets, as well as around 200 MILLION Silver in cash scattered across characters and cities.
    Money aside, there is a TON of materials which you can use to cook, process, create items with, around 4400 loyalties to use at your leisure, Witch Earrings, Coral Earrings, Crescent Rings, Cadri Rings, Basilisk Belts, and much more!

    Worker Empire:
    There are 72 workers (all Artisan & Professional) setup and scattered across the map working on nodes 24-7. You can recruit up to three more workers (total 75) and roll the energy of your Characters to get Professional/Artisan quality goblins/humans/giants. This on its own can net you a hefty amount of silver if combined with processing on a daily basis (almost purely AFK). I'm offering my help to whomever purchases the Account and requires assistance &/or advice along the way.

    Other Account Features
    357 Energy
    309 Contribution Points
    450 Titles
    1000+ Armor Stones
    200+ Weapon Stones
    940+ Hunter Seals
    Luck Level 3
    6% Experience Increase
    +50 Max Stamina Increase
    51/66 "Achieved" Total Collectible Challenges
    +10 Branded Balenos Fishing Rod
    +2 ALL Crafting Costumes
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