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    Hello, I am selling Bnet account. Contains:

    -Heroes of the storm:

    -Level: 728

    -Heroes: 80/89

    -Skins: 100+

    -70 mounts

    -65 banners

    -374 sprays

    -5 announcers

    -200+ portraits

    Gold: 7610

    Gems: 361

    Three quests available.

    I have a lot of legendary, rare and epic skins for heroes.

    Account contains Warcraft 3 reforged. I played only campaign just a little.


    I have a couple of decks, but I didn't play for a month.

    -Quest Hunter

    -Face Hunter

    -Freeze elemental shaman

    -Elemental shaman(doomhammer version)

    I reached diamond 5.

    Thank you for your attention. You can dm me on discord for more info. My discord is Dzontra#3226 or you can dm me here. If you buy an account, you are getting an email too. Only serious people, i can give you my phone number so we can make a Viber call. I can send a pic as a proof of possesion. Peace out
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