Selling Azphel US Account 45 sorc

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    Selling my 45 sorc male he has many campain quests done (up to probably level 37s) Betoni's weapon is on last part, where you kill elites, the fun part, haven't done it yet Mostly blues 216 Alchemy 399 Tailoring (I'm at last part where you do that Noble Durable Tough Leather Jerkin Thingy) I also have a 30 something chanter (less than 35) no quests mostly other than abyss / daveonian / stigma I also have a twnety something templar (less than 25) no quests other than stigma I also have a twenty something spiritmaster (less than 25) (I am currently leveling this right now) (Doing no quests other than stigma / hopefully to abyss I also have a 10 something assassin (less than 15) The names I have are pretty cool too..I can't say because well you know. Kinah is about 9million right now. I have about 10 million things on broker. It's a collector's edition account If you have any questions whisper me. Here is what I want for the account and why first of all 60 bucks for the game 15 x 3 = 45 for my monthly payments and an extra 45 bucks for my time Grand total 150 bucks. If you want to negotiate, please PM me. I will be having a mod only to do this payment.
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