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    I no longer sell mesos or items on AriesMS since I now goldfarm on another MMO, but I have decided to offer AriesMS powerleveling after a former customer told me he was interested in purchasing it.

    Previous sell thread with vouches:


    It's my responsibility as a powerleveler to tell you that the risk of being banned is exceedingly high, especially if you want to order a high level account. The amount of time I spend botting is relatively low, but if a GM catches your account you're instantly permabanned on sight, no chance for appeal. No refund will be given if that happens, although I do take precautions to reduce the chances of being banned. If you're not willing to deal with the risk of having your main account permabanned, I will create a new account for the character you order.


    If you're ordering a Pink Bean on a new account or if you don't already have a level 200 on your account, there's a $5 surcharge since I need to level to 200 on another character first.
    Note: A Pink Bean is one of the best characters to order from me since the damage of his skills is heavily influenced by his level. A high level Pink Bean gets max crit chance, high attack speed, 500%+ increased damage, and a couple hundred attack from his passives. He also has a 4000%+ base damage skill that is spammable.
    If you order a new account and I get banned on the new account, I will keep trying until I reach the target level.

    Level 220: $25
    After level 220, the likelihood of being banned significantly increases.
    Level 230: $40
    Level 240: $80
    Level 250: $150

    Terms and conditions:

    You agree to the following when trading with me:

    You acknowledge that if you choose to give me a premade account to level instead of ordering a custom account that the risk of your account being banned for hacking is extremely high.
    By purchasing this service from me you acknowledge that you are breaking the Terms of Service of AriesMS.
    I am not responsible for any bans or suspensions that may occur for any reason whatsoever.
    Customers are not entitled to a refund or compensation for losses for any reason whatsoever, unless otherwise stated on this thread.
    Attempting to file a chargeback for any reason will result in the opening of a dispute against you.
    You also agree to any additional terms and conditions I may tell you, given that each account is different, when sending your payment to me.

    To contact me, private message me. I don't use Skype at the moment since I have almost all unnecessary programs turned off when botting.
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