Selling AO account 1 TL 6 Shade, 6 TL 5 alts

Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Anarchy, 9/30/13.

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    Hi, most of the account is kind of stripped. It has a lot of potential if you have the money to twink it. This account is more mainly for people who want to buy an account where they start clean, no one knows them, and they get their own gear/weps, whithout the hassle of starting a new toon. Now I haven't logged the account in awhile... probably 4+ months. Because I have quit to play WoW. The account as I remember is: Edit: By the way, account is RK 2. 190 Shade Opifex AI: 12 165 Enforcer Atrox AI: 16 150 Nano Tech Nanomage AI: 4 150 Agent Opifex AI: 9 150 Engineer Nanomage AI: 13 150 Soldier Atrox AI: 16 150 Doctor Atrox AI: 7 These toon's have a very clean rep, no one really knows their name. They've only been used for farming aliens or leveling up. What I am asking for? I am looking for something like this. - $50 through Paypal. I have an account, that I have just made. I have feedback from people if needed. - World of Warcraft account: Requirements: Must be on the server "Arthas". That's it, it can be any class. The account is active, and can be used for playing. So! Here is how you may contact me! Phone? You may call or text me, this is my cell phone: 1847-254-7009. Email? You may [email protected] ? [email protected] Fastest way to get the account in your hands? Best Choice: Call or text me! Next Best Choice: Email. Thank you, I hope someone will take this account and give the toons the owner an active owner they need.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.