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    If you are interested my is Renegadehax@. Exact levels and equipment unknown. (Account is closed) Contact if you are truly interested. 140ish Enforcer Equipment: Tier 1 Set -gloves -chest (Gloves are Legchopper, chest is Merc) Bracelet of Arul Saba X2 +42 dmg Pained Panther 170ish NCU Memories Viral NCU Memories X2 Qlvl 200 Implants and 6 Slot belt +70 Nano Skill Head Symbiant +40 Nano Skill Eye Symbiant Has Adonis Ring Elysium Sanctuary Key Pads of Dedication Enchaned and Regular Albrecht Tank Armor Low Level Keeper Twink Full Tier 1 -Gloves, Silken Legchopper -Helmet, Infantry Original twink back piece, not GTA or Exarch robe Sword of Illumination (Best keeper twink sword) Plenty more twink gear Extremely low twink enforcer Full Mercenary's (Highest lvl possible for level) Mortiig Beater Guardian Tank Armor Low level martial artist semi twink Full Predator Armor Rare cape back piece Low level agent twink Full Suppal Alien Armor (best for his level) Perennium Beamer Rifle Various twink accessories (does very well) Extremely low level Pump trader twink Pump Master (or could be trainee not sure, but still good) Non-OE self buffed) Good implants and pretty good NCU amount for outside buffs) Other various gear, mostly relys on pure damage from his weapon. Various other mid level twinks or leveling characters. Each loaded with great high level gear, about a billion in credits and alot more worth of gear. All characters on these accounts are twinks or about to be twinked. Perfect for some pvp fun or if you just want to level, (few of them not recommended for leveling since they were built for pvp and thats the funnest part, but they can be leveled easily) If you want exact level and equipment setup, contact me on . I put this together real quick, I will revise this later with added information and better description later.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.