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    I am the Original Owner of the account. This account has always been my main account since I started playing 6-7years ago. Got around 2-3 weeks game time left. All Expansions. Round 400-500mill creds left. 220/1*/6* Solitus Keeper on clan side of RK1 -Almost Completely Endgame- Setup: In a Def-setup atm. all endgame utils except for ACDC and Stellar nanodeck. ''Note'' that it does have the Star of Faith. All needed is to finish the Db-quest and getting the stuff needed from the Xan instances. Pride of Xan / Blade of Khione's Will Red Belt of Double Power / Upgraded Viral Belt Spirit infused ncus+ safeguard ncu CC gloves / Ofab head,sleeves,chest / Beast Pants Dustbrigade Bracer + Masterpiece Bracer Ring of summoned Terror + HHaB Paragon Board ( just get it Defensive or offensive upgraded ) Superior Icy Shoulderpads of Brawn + Ofab shoulderpads Inf boots complete Endgame Def setup, All you need is to upgrade the star of faith, HhaB & the paragon board. Symbs: Got all alpha except brain/chest/waist/l/ear. A few alphas are equipped & some Intelligent symbs. Rest are in a backpack. Got all intelligent symbs needed. you only need the betas for the symbs that I stated above. Rest is alpha! I have everything that you might need to get full alphas on, all you need to do is to farm the missing betas! Twinking Items Burden of Competense Aquarius gloves Vte's (in bank) Ql 250 implant sets (in bank) Different Twinking guns Db/masterpiece bracer All needed Db armor Red Belt / Viral belt Ring of plausability High ql Ring of divine teardrops Also other stuff that I can't remember having. DD - stuff Calculator from Aquarius Snipers Friend High ql VTS / DD research attunament Device Cloak of the Reanimated Gladiator Sword of Dawn ( if you plan on going Meele Energy, Also have the intelligent Infantry brain symb needed ) Misc Also have the shoulder+ other beast armor/weaps for Looks This char is great in pvp and at soloing. ALTS - Only 1 15*/**/** Nanotechnician / got 1k board, all top symbs i can put on / alien back item / Great for Kiting / round 1100-1200 Run speed unbuffed Looking for Offers Anything else please let me know! ---------- Post added 05-17-2011 at 04:30 AM ---------- Only Paypal - Will only deal with people that got REP or has someone with REP that can vouch for them.
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