Sold Selling Almost all z1 skins . Greendawn set / scrubs / shirts and helmets.

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  1. Igorssr2

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    Want 1k - 900$ on Cs skins.
    Add to discuss.
    I do not go first .
    Steam Account :

    The account have this following skins :

    - Greendawn Set (AR, AK, and Shotgun)
    - Royalty Showdown AR-15
    - Kringle's Holiday Hat
    - Patriots Pride
    - Mask of The Scarecrow
    - Patchwork Rudolph Helmet
    - Pink Scrub Set (hat,shirt,and pants)
    - Hugz Needed Scrubs (hat and pants)
    - Kurama Medical Scrubs (hat,shirt and pants)
    - Military Scrubs (shirt and pants)
    - Ignition T-Shirt
    - Showdown Crown Shirt
    - 2016 Country shirts (Japan,Korea and Brazil)
    - Skirmish itens (Happy Face Boots,Teal Shemagh,Teal Combat Boots
    - 5 Country Hoodies (France,Belgium,Germany,Switzerland and Brazil)
    - Already royalty in season 5

    You can see it here :
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