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    Hello everyone. Aion account Buy American Server. In the server [East] Zikel have 6 characters (Elyos). The main is a Sorcerer lvl 55, here I placed a couple of pictures to see what above it, but it has several set in the warehouse. It has over 110 million kinahs. This Sorcerer is 491 in handycrafting, 499 to 499 in aether gathering and gathering (the highest level so far) With over 14k pvp. All stigmas (Both chains stigmas) I make the comment that the book is used in combination with the book +11 pvp lvl 50. With the Godstone in 3760. If you know the game will know what I mean. The character has the complete set Miragent. ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting One character is an alchemist master 500. (Assassin lvl 40) Among others it has a lvl 43 cleric and a chanter 38. The chanter is equipped for low lvl pvp. Pvp lvl 30 weapon kromede combined with staff. This weapon is +15 with Godstone 1880. In the Server [East] Israphel has 2 characters (Asmos) one of them is a lvl 55 Sorcerer with no really great things, so have to work a little. The price is $ 500 U.S.and the data will be sent after the transfer confrim as overall style. Interested communicate by email with the subject heading: Buy Aion account. *****************************************************.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.