High End Selling aion account glad 80 full adv stigma and kaisinel ult. 2x paragon gear 8+

Discussion in 'Aion Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Johnvu7, 9/11/21.

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    Hello I am quiting Aion online so i want to sell the account have been playing for 10 years now. 80 glad full advance stigma. 2x paragon gear 8+ 2 set bitter gear full attack and full magic def 15+, full cubic. Three illusion runstone area strike, sure strike, and critical strike all 7+. 6 Dazzling gemstone with 3 gems 8+ and 2 corrupted. Full pfhm feather and accessory. Pve full sovereing 15+. Both attack and defense weapon have luna weapon buff. 2x S minion level 4, + 2x rank A minion. Have two alt ranger have full soverign gear and advance stigma, Sin have no gear. Kaisinel ultimate xform.

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