Selling Aion account CE,pre order,decent charecters look inside

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    Hi everyone, Im looking to sell my Aion account today or trade for something, Im nto quite sure. Im looking for a new game. The account has a 34 asmo ranger and 24 elyo gladiator. The ranger has around 10k abyss points motly expert gear and is almsot 35. +7 noble star dragon bow with a couple mil kinah and mats. 399/399 armor smithing 100+ alchemy and handicraft 250+gathering Very good account for starters or for veterans looking to get a ranager but dont want topay top dollar. It has almsot every lotus amulet avalible in its bank for 5 months worth of play only 2or 3 ever used. all blue gear minus 1 green earring. The gladiator is just a random greens gear nothing special charecter. Im looking for like I said cash or trade. Make your offers ://spamsite/forums/u...62#Post2972962 p>
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.