Selling Selling Age Of Wushu Account , powerful Jianghu inner character.

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    Selling Age of Wushu account on Blue Dragon.

    Info about account:

    Blood Blade clan member with over 29,000 Blood Blade rep.
    All C6 Jade gear and weapon.

    Betrayed Tang and Rootless member.
    Current inner is Chaotic Yuan: Level 52
    Second highest inner, Rootless Hazy Sky Seal: Level 35

    Brawn: 190
    Dex: 160
    Breath: 286
    SpiritL: 230
    Stamina: 238

    Full YangYang Blade, Heartless Seven and Blood Blade Sect skill sets.
    9 Complete flying skills learned.
    Unlocked meridians:

    Greater Yin Lung: 1
    Lesser Yang: 2
    Greater Yang: 1
    Lesser Yin Kidney: 2
    Reverting Yin: 2
    Greater Yin: 4
    Lesser Yang: 2
    Yang Brightness: 2

    Comes with free name change book.
    Monkey pet.
    Mind cleansing pill.
    Blood Blade coffin.
    Lots of cultivation pills.
    School tokens.
    Luck tokens.
    Gold thread powder.
    Full class 5 gold set, Yin and Soft.
    Crafting materials and more...

    Any more questions or concerns email me at: [email protected]
    You can also email me about offers.
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