Selling active 50 VERY good gear glad EU/Perento

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    Im selling account with multiple characters - most (nearly all) are VERY good geared. Account got lvl 50 gladiator (main char) lvl 50 templar (good geared) lvl 46 sin (good geared) lvl 38 SM (good geared) lvl 35 Ranger (decent geared) and lvl 25 sorc (not geared). Few more words about chars and their stuff: 50 glad: - full 30 elite set armor plate (attack slot) - full fenrils chain set (magic resist slot) (up to 1900 mr - uber rox) - 3/5 50 elite plate set (there is enough ap on account to make it 4/5 instantly) - full 50 gold accesory + lakhane hat - 50 elite pvp spear combine with 30 elite pvp spear (perfect slots everywhere) + para stone - fenrils mace (general godstone + dragon king dagger) - gold drazma bow + 40 pvp bow - over 3000 white manastones to recraft them in 2.0 for +17 crit stones, hp 95 etc - character is high officer rank atm so u can buy whatever u want for AP - ofc all stigmas etc - very good known in pvp on server, good renome for both own and enemy faction. - craft 449 cooking, craft alchemy 399 - gathering 399, aether gathering 402 50 templar: - 50 blue pvp set with 50 gold pvp gloves - 50 gold noble black dragon king knight greatsword combined with 30 elite pvp gs perfect slots + para stone - 40 gold att speed crafted 1h sword + para stone - jewelry can be improved - pve stuff - ofc all stigmas etc - free name change ticket 46 sin: - full gold pvp 30 armor perfect slot with att stones - pvp 40 sword + crated 45 gold sword - full gold 30 accessory - known in pvp, good renome for both own and enemy faction 38 sm - full gold lvl 25 departed set + gold orb combined with pvp orb - pve jewelry - not played this char much but its enough good armor to twink it very easy or lvl up fast 35 ranger - full flash set with +10 bow combined with 30 pvp blue bow - perfect for twink and ganking at lower levels if someone want relax 25 sorc - craft weaponsmith 399 Gold on Account : 20 milions Kinah Account is atm in rank no1 guild with officer status on both 50 chars Account is payed for another 3,5 weeks (payed with game timecard - no subscription) Account is activated since day 1 of aion (missed maybe 3 days coz of holidays) so u get 11 month reward. It also still got 14 crowns undistributed and ready to be sent to any char u wish to twink/lvl up or to finish 50 elite set easy mode on gladiator. Also on most characters there are free crowns or month 10-11 which i forgot to send. Im looking for fair trade with no scamming - thus im looking for honest and fair offer (no joke like 100$) - u getting one of BEST geared glad on top pvp server (pretty much best pvp balance eu), together with few other classes which EASLY can already play on top pvp level and with bit of work can gear it up and play. Waiting for offer on pm or mail. Im not selling unless i see someone is gonna offer nice and doesnt look retarded scammer. EDIT: Added gallery of armors for all chars:
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