Selling account with 5 12/12chars wm/dk/mstrike/mnen/agent and other chars that can raid

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    Selling my account with 5 12/12 chars, 4 of them have upgraded stuff one doesnt have upgraded stuff

    WM fully luke graduated
    • 5/5 sc, most of the pieces are +10 amp some with +8/7, shoulder and shoe have +20 pattak enchants that you cant get anymore, belt has same enchant but with the +1 to lvl 15-35 skills, top and bot have 30 str 20 pattak enchants
    • 3/3 5sense bracelet and neckalce are +10 amp ring is +9 amp, they all have +20fire and light enchants
    • 3/3 heblon +10 reinforce sub and mstone and +7 amp earrings. sub has anton bead, earring has +50 all stats enchant, mstone with +13 ele enchant
    • weapon is +12 savior triumph lightsabre and has +8 refine for the glow and +12 fire dmg enchant
    • has maxed out buff swap with ancient ruins light sabre swap wep(worth atleast 200m alone)
    • has untradable rare clones with all gold emblems and 2 weapon wieldier zenith plats
    • have petit gargol, ms petit black, petit wyatt and the behemoth pets
    • has faith aura and +20 ele aura, also has special dpl aura that you cant get anymore with dpl title
    • has legendary insignia thats +6 with all unique gems
    • has lotta monoliums stored and beast acc mats stored up
    • also has 5/5 metal swap set and 5/5 ng proc set with a full kazan ov swap set
    • has 10 percent elenore title with +10 ele(bis title rn)
    Dark Knight semi luke graduated
    • 5/5 7sins no amps, has good enchants
    • 3/3 5sense all of them +11 reinforce with +20 dark ele enchants
    • 3/3 civ they all also have the same enchants as wm
    • weapon +12 savior triumph short sword with +9 shadow dmg enchant
    • maxed out buff swap with swap wep
    • has tradable 4th gen rare clones, they are mixmatch of violet soul and dark soul version with all silver emblems
    • have mspetit black pet, petit varrach pet
    • have +20 ele aura, dark luke barrier aura
    • have good amount of monoliums and beast acc mats stored
    • has bis title
    • also has 5/5 ng proc set
    Male striker semi luke graduated
    • 5/5 sc, no amps but good enchants on all the equips, same thing as previously mentioned
    • 3/3 5sense all +11 reinforce with +20 fire enchants
    • has fishball sub equip, and 2/3 civ all with same enchants as previous char
    • weapon +12 savior boxing gloves with +12 fire dmg enchant
    • has lvl 30 buff swap but can be optimized a bit more if you want to min max
    • has ancient rare avatar(untradable) with silver and some gold emblems
    • has petit tyrant pet and petit liu bei pet with petit wyatt
    • has faith aura
    • has unique insig
    • has good amount of monliums can get 3/3 heblon right away if you farm enough mats, has some beast acc mats
    • has 5/5 ng proc set with 4/5 metal swap set
    • has bis title
    Male nen semi luke graduated
    • 5/5 gesp, no amps but good enchants like others
    • 3/3 5 sense +11 reinforced with +20 light enchants
    • 3/3 civ with good enchants like others
    • weapon +12 savior triumph kucnkle with +9 light dmg enchant
    • buff semi maxed out(lacking 2 lvls)
    • has untradable rare clones with most gold emblems and some silver
    • has +20 ele aura
    • has petit gragol, petit ms black, petit wyatt pet
    • has legendary insignia with all unique gems
    • has 5/5 metal swap set with 5/5 ng proc set
    • has good amount of monliums saved up and good amount of beast acc mats saved up
    • has bis title
    • 5/5 bf with regular enchants and no amps
    • 3/3 5s with regular fire dmg enchants
    • 2/3 civ with heblon sub
    • weapon +10 lvl 90 epic craft wep and +10 savior kodachi(non upgraded) with +12 fire dmg enchant
    • has 4/5 ng proc set
    • has bis title
    • has petit executioner
    • buff swap is missing 2 lvl but has swap wep
    • has regular clones with silver emblems
    these are the most geared char in this account, there are other geared chars in this account including a skirmisher, indra, sword master, rogue, soul bender, hitman and dragoon lancer
    skirm has 5/5 ng with 3/3 inf and a savior lance with 2/3 civ and bridal earrings
    indra is echon 6 3/3 inf and has savior wep
    rest of the chars are less and less geared but all of these chars can do anton raid and 9 of these chars can do luke raid

    some other things that come with the account
    • 500 days of neo premium
    • couple hundred days of various contracts
    • comes with free 60m gold
    • various titles unlocked and has multiple clears on raids
    • has over 40 chars in the account that were made for level up events most are high lvled
    • lvl 28 explorer so you get good buffs
    • various mats in the safe and important professions at max lvl (ie. enchanter, alchemist)
    • epic book at over 100 percent frags on both lvl 85 and 90, some equips are low because i crafed
    • good amount of epic souls
    • also each char has sht ton of demon invites stored up, most of the chars that raid have over 10k demon invites per char, some with like 3-5k. also with this account you never have to buy demon invites ever. as long as you do raids you will have unlimited supply of demon invites
    so basically its a very good account with various geared chars, 4 of those geared chars can sell both anton and luke raids and 3 of them can do beast difficulty with ease.
    this account is well worth atleast $1500 but i'm willing to sell for 1200
    add me on discord if you want to see pictures but if you want to buy either you go first or we use the middle man service.
    my discord id is whodis#8152
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