Selling Account Very High EUE

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    Selling Acc EUA ~Account Information~ Season 2: Gold Season 3: Gold Top rate 1593 (1511 current) Champions: 85 Skins: Firefox Ahri Unchained Alistar (legacy) Amethyst Ashe Mythic Cassio Nightmare ChoGath (legacy) Riot Graves (legacy) Nightblade Irelia Tempest Janna Victorious Janna (legacy) Sandstorm Katarina Judgement Kayle Mafia Miss Fortune Blackthorn Morgana Riot K9 Nasus (legacy) Haunting Nocturne (legacy) Full Metal RAmmus Royal Shaco Emerald Taric (legacy) Bloodstone Taric Riot Girl Tristana (legacy) Buccaneer Tristana King Tryndamere Dragonslayer Vayne Heartseeker Vayne Vizier Malzahar (legacy) Pharaoh Amumu (legacy) Mr.Mundoverse (legacy) Leopard Nidalee (legacy) Nottingham Ezreal (legacy) Phantom Karthus (legacy) Yellow Jacket Shen (legacy) RP: 162 IP:400 Wins 5v5: 1170 Wins Dominion: 74 Friendly:15 Helpful:7 Teeamwork:74 Opponent: 30 Runes: 5rune pages, almost all runes the reason i sell it, is that i dont have so much spare time anymore.. Price Starting ~90euro Contact info: : Sernetif
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.