Selling account Tos pvp lvl 7

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    Ok so here we go; Acces to all content there is, Savagecoast of Turan, RoTGs etc. So yes you have the uber camel on everychar on this acc + alot of xp potions etc. Chars on account: Tos pvp lvl 7 Mixed gear, Khitai (Summoners l etc), pvp mini set chest, T3 tali+blunt+ ?v? weps. Got the needed AA?s trained, more pvp focused AA training. Necro pvp lvl 6: Full T2 with some T3 parts, good AA progression, pvp focused, some epic khitai gear, feet-l-belt from minigame pvp set. Pom pvp lvl 5 (soon 6): Mixed gear, mostly T2, some T3 parts, mostly been pvping with it so got small parts miniset and chest-l-helm-cloak is pvp set. t3 tali etc. Got a white tiger mount in this one. Good AA Hox pvp lvl 4: Full T2 gear, full blue BB set except helm. T2 hoxsword, chest-l pvp set, good AA, Sin pvp lvl 4: Full epic, T2-T3 parts, crit gloves from t3, minor parts from pvp miniset, decent AA. Ranger pvp 3: Mixed gear, full T2 missing bracers/shoulders, got epic khitai l etc for it, Decent AA. DT: only made for fun, havent really played it, but it is 80 BS: Same as DT really, got some t2/t1 parts on it. Conq lvl 39 for some lowlevel pvp fun =) Good geared for that lvl =) ----------------------------------------------------- If you?re interested, send me a private message with offer.
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