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    Hello Im selling my league of legends account EUW lvl 30 S2 with 82champ and 3 pages of runes set up for all roles. RP 44 IP 9506 Silver II with 90 points ready for the best of three, im selling for inactivity. This is the list of all available skins: - Stinger Akali - Queen Ashe - Draven Gladiator - Mr. Munduniverso - Garen Dark Horseman - Heimierdinger failed experiment - The Night Blade Irelia - Commando Jarvan VI - Kassadin Dweller Deep - Emerald Green Kayle, Kayle Del executed - The prestigious Leblanc - Murderess Master Yi, Ionia Master Yi Da - Miss Fortune Secret Agent - Nasus Pharaoh - The Forsaken Olaf - Poppy Smith - Rammus Del Frejlord - Uncle Ryze - Mad Hatter Shaco, Shaco Royal - Singed Atisommossa - Hextech Sion - Tryndamere Highlandder - Hurgot The Butcher - Vladimir Count Vladimir Marquis - Tundra Hunter Warwizck - Yorick the Gravedigger If you are really interested contact me here or through : cristian.colalelli Accept any offer (Base 40-45 €). Method of payment, Paypal
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.