Selling account.. 80 champs 30 skins

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    lvl 30 800 wins Bronze 1 82 champions 30 skins Golden Alistar- Pharaoh Amumu- Def not Blitzcrank- Cryocore Brand- Jurassic Cho- Legion Garen- Temple Jax- judgement Kayle- Assassin Yi- Lord Morde- Galactic Nasus- Head Hunter Nidalee- Rune Wars Renekton- Rumble in the Jungle- Tribal Ryze- Asylum Shaco- Riot Girl Trist- King Pin Twitch- White Mage Veigar- ALL WW SKINS BUT URF- Jade Wukong- Warring Kingdoms Zhao- undertake Yorick Message me in game itzzmayhem or message me on edwards-60 IM ALWAYS WILLING TO TRADE FOR AN ACCOUNT IN THE UPPER GOLD DIVISION OR LOWER PLAT.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.