Selling Selling acc lvl 30 currently at Gold V on NA...

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  1. David Martínez
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    Selling acc lvl 30 currently at Gold V on NA server with good kda, summoner name: Alduins, KDA stats:

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    37 Champions, for a total of more than 17k+ RP invested on it. Alistar with Unchained Alistar skin Anivia Annie with Panda annie skin Blitzcrank Cho'gath with Battlecast Prime Cho gath'skin Diana Draven with Soul Reaver Draven skin Evelynn with Masquerade Evelynn skin (legacy) Garen with Steel Legion Garen skin Hecarim with Arcade hecarim skin Jarvan IV with Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV skin Jax with Vandal Jax skin Karma with Classic and Traditional Karma skin Kassadin Katarina with Mercenary Katarina skin Kayle Kha'Zix Lee Sin with Acolyte Lee Sin skin Master Yi with Chosen Master Yi skin Nasus with Galactic Nasus and Dreadknight Nasus skin Nidalee with French Maid Nidalee skin Malphite Orianna Poppy Rengar Ryze with Uncle Ryze skin Sejuani Shen with Blood Moon Shen Singed with Augmented Singed skin Taric with Armor of the Fifth Age Taric skin Teemo Thresh with Deep Terror Thresh skin Tryndamere Twisted Fate Vayne with Dragon Slayer Vayne skin Warwick with Feral Warwick skin (legacy) Currently with 97RP and 3246IP Decent Starting Runes for both AD and AP For more PM me offers
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.