Sold Selling 970 AP (980max) 55 lvl, HM 10, Gunner, Jinsoyun server, EU.

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  1. Fgosd

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    So, i'm original owner to this acc, but you can't change email for 2-3 month. (Standart Ncsoft rules) and that's why it cames with own email adress (and you will get it).
    Ok, Gunner, Jin, Male. Jinsoyun, eu server.

    • HM 10(67%), 55 level chatacter.
    • 970 AP (40-Off, 10 Def), so max is 980 Ap.
    • Baleful stage 10 weapon
    • skyrift mystic badge
    • some upgrage stuff.
      + 50 lvl Voucher.(includes alot of things for a new character)

    Also got a warlock(alt), 711ap, hm7. (Jin. female)

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    price: $50 (webmoney only).
    Can go by Trade Guardian, but you will pay then.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.