Selling 80ToS, 80Conq, ~500gold~ CIMMERIA PVP

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    I'm selling my AoC account including 2 lvl 80s and 500; or gold seperately. I'm the original owner of the account, and it includes: 80ToS (CIMMERIA - pvp-rp) --Mount --Aegis of 5 Mercies --Epic Ring --Mostly blues. 80Conq (CIMMERIA - pvp-rp) ****--dual weilding Coldmourns; 790dps PER HAND in frenzy stance without any cooldowns used !! [dual weilding spec conqs get a cooldown to make offhand hit 100% of the time for a short period of time, combine with charge and you explode anyone.**** --Mount --Also has lvl80 Epic 2h Blade equipped. --Gear is crafted gemmed with vicious (1h edge) Price is negotiable. However, I will NOT be doing a transaction with anyone who is even the slightest bit shadey or pushy, can't be patient with a semi-beginner to MD, has no rep, or is not verified. I'm precautious by nature, so be prepared. AIM = brdnlng111 email = [email protected] If I'm not on AIM, feel free to email me. PLEASE POST HERE BEFORE CONTACTING ME.
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