Selling 50 Sin/34 Cleric(amazing kit on cleric!) on EU Spatalos server.

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    Ok before I start, I have never botted or used 3rd party software on this account. I am the original owner. I was one of the first level 50s on my server and have been in one of the top guilds for my whole time in the game. The account also is a collectors edition account. Currently I have 30 mil Kinah - however this is subject to change as I am currently trying to sell the Kinah off. I have numerous stuff in the bank and in the mailboxes. My Assassin hardly has done any quests in the game as I am a grind [censored] and has not completed all the campaign quests. The below are the items he has (worth mentioning) Betronis Sword Expert Durable Admantium Sword Expert Noble Tough Leather Pauldrens (43 gold) Level 30 gold PVP Gloves (Aspeed) and Boots(run speed) Now the cleric is a much better character imo. Same as above hardly any quests done. However I have better stats than most level 50 clerics. I have over 1500MB and mobs die in seconds and also players. At 33 I had no problem killing players +5 levels higher. All but 4 things are gold on this char. I have the whole level 25 gold set - all with the green Magic Boost + 23 stones in. I have the gold level 25 shield, I have a + 10 gold level 25 weapon with a god stone in (2% for 940 damage) it has the 33 gold belt and the gold helmet and also has the level 30 gold PvP ring. Before I equipped the weapon I had offers for it ranging from 15-20 mil. The kit all added up alone on this character is worth about 40 mil + easy. The kit will see you up to level 50. This character also has a good rep as well. Please PM me if you are interested. I want people who are either TWV or have a good rep.
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