Selling 3x Level 70 WoW Characters FOR AOC Account!!!

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    2 are Listed.... Gear is ammazing and looking to trade these 3 characters for 1x Geared Level 80... would love to take this trade to people with high trust on these fourms.. all armoys will be shown when u aim me.. Aim is in sig... any Questions wisper me.. didint fill everything out because it took so long but here is most.... prot gear for my paladin is t5++ Quality i tanked BT/Hyjal with it [COLOR=#FF99FF Draenei Paladin:</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#33CCFF Epic Flying Mount,</span> and APPROX. <span style=]span> [COLOR=#CC0000 Gear Has Best Enchants and Gems!</span> <span style=]span> wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=33724 [COLOR=#663366Veng Head wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=35134 Veng Shoulders wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=33726 Gard Neck wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=33333 Cloke wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=35059 Chest wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=35175 Gard Bracers wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=35060 Brut Gloves wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=35160 Gard Belt wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=33725 Veng L wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=33905 Vind Boots wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=33064 Vet Ring wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=33918 Vind Ring wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=35703 JCing Trinket wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=28236 25 Resil Trinket wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=33743 Veng WEP wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=33735 Veng Shield wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=33502 Lib of Mending </span> <span style=]pve][/COLOR] [COLOR=#33FF33 4/5 S3 with s2 Shoulders, Best Gems and Enchants,</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#FF0000 ALT</span> <span style=]span> [COLOR=#FF0000 Most Gear is Epic GEMS and Best Enchants,</span> <span style=]span> wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=35023 <span style="color: #663366 Brut Head wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=35134 Gard Neck wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=31990 Merc Shoulders wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=28379 Sergents Cloke wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=35026 Brut Chest wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=35169 Gard bracers wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=31987 Merc Gloves wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=35154 Gard Belt wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=31989 Merc L wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=35139 Gard Boots wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=35130 Gard Ring wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=33918 Vind Ring wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=34580 BattleMaster wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=37864 45 Resil Trinket wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=32964 Merc WEP wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=32961 Merc Offhand wowarmory/item-info.xml?i=27886 Idol[/COLOR] also level 70 Priest [censored] gear like full s2. some s3.. not even gona list.. will give all armorys on contact.[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#FF99FF Draenei Paladin:</span> <span style=][COLOR=#33CCFF Epic Flying Mount,</span> and APPROX. <span style=][COLOR=#CC0000 Gear Has Best Enchants and Gems!</span> <span style=][COLOR=#33FF33 4/5 S3 with s2 Shoulders, Best Gems and Enchants,</span> <span style=][COLOR=#FF0000 ALT</span> <span style=][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR]
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