Selling 38 Elyos Temp Blue Gear/FT greens 10k Abyss pts. Kainsinel Collctrs

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    Hello, Im selling my Templar on Kaisinel server. The account also has a 13 ranger and a 14 sorcerer on the same server. The temp has about 1mill kinah and a warehouse FULL of crafting materials. Templars Gear: Inferno (blue) Sipus's Shield (FT blue) Hannet's Greatsword (FT quest blue) Courageous Breastplate (blue) Flame Plate Pauldrons (FT green) Iscraw's Plate Greeves (green) Also has blue lvl 28 plate l Freedom Gauntlets(blue) Expert Adamantium Plate Boots (blue+18% speed increase) Flame Helm(FT green) Topaz Necklace (green w/77 hp+15 crit) Takata's Earring (green 10 crit) Harfuia's Earrings (FT green 14 crit +74 hp) 2x Rotan's Ring (FT green w/ 9 crit +49 hp) Worthy Thick Leather Belt (Blue with +5 Attack+51 hp) The gear has 90% Crit +12 Manatones and a few attack +4 stones. P.S. It took me around 150 runs to get the Sipus's Shield [​IMG]. It also has around 10k abyss points. Also he has the gold lvl 30 wings from the collectors edition. The 10 ruch purple dye have not been used yet. Also he has increased inventory and warehouse, which cost saves you LOTS of kinah. What im looking for------------------------------- -RL money only from a verified paypal account or a bank transfer. Repped users is a +. I am the original owner of the account and have all the CD keys and information. I will not accept accounts or gold on ANY game. Only rl money please :[email protected] : [email protected]
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.