Selling  North America  High End SELLING 300K+ BP NY SERVER ACCOUNT.

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    High BP account for sale on NY servers. (Original Owner, Account created hours after game launch.)
    Pos1 is over 125k power with 25k+ init.
    Pos2 is over 70k power with 13k+ init.
    Pos1 has Maxed Refines / Charms.
    Pos2 has all lvl 8 on all refines / charms.
    Account has Rank 9 BA.
    Account has 5k+ coupons / 1k+ ingots.
    Account (currently) has monthly packs.
    Account enters into Low sage.
    Account has multiple maxed Assist links.
    Currently has 6 ninjas unlocked in Ninja assist.
    (Mabui lvl 9 / Gaara, Mei, Danzo, Temari, Onoki all lvl6)
    Account has all perm treasure ninjas, including S. Itachi and Edo Hashi.
    All sweepable ninjas are 5*
    Most treasure rares are 4* or one pull away.

    --Notable Ninjas--
    Hashirama Senju [Edo Tensei]
    Hashirama Senju [The First Hokage] (4* w/ Books)
    Tobirama Senju [Edo Tensei] (w/ Hashi barrier)
    Tobirama Senju [The Second Hokage] (w/ Will of Fire Book]
    Itachi Uchiha [Susano'o] 4*
    Itachi Uchiha [Edo Tensei]
    Sasuke Uchiha [Susano'o] 5*
    Ay [Fourth Raikage] 5* (w/ Protector+1, Dance+1, and Aggressiveness+1)
    Naruto [Sage of The Six Paths] 4*
    Naruto [Six Tails]
    Naruto [Kurama Mode] (w/ Edo Minato Mystery)
    Minato Namikaze [Jonin] 4* (w/ Bond mystery)
    Minato Namikaze [The Fourth Hokage] 4* (100 frags towards 5*)
    Minato Namikaze [Edo Tensei] (w/ Bond Barrier)
    Kakuzu [Earth Grudge Fear] 4* (70 frags towards first book)
    If you wish to discuss about the account, please leave your discord info and ill get in contact.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.