Selling 3 Accounts RK1 Doc, RK2 Fixer, and RK2 Crat/Trader - SOLD

Discussion in 'Anarchy Online Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Anarchy, 9/30/13.

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    I'm looking to sell 3 accounts. Account #1 Rk 1 - Frozen (no payment) $50 The first is an RK1 Doctor, level 206 AI 10 fairly stripped, but could be easily put back together as a pocket healer. This account has remained unplayed for around 2 years. Account #2 $125 RK2 - Account Open paid til November Fixer 220 / 18 pretty well equipped, has burden, Inferno Key, Alien PF HoT, account completely in tact as the same as the day I stopped playing. Completed DB Quest. I think all research complete except 2-4 level 10s. Can easily solo Inferno missions to level other characters. Linked Age of Conan account with level Dark Templar, Pre-Order Rhino and Totem of Origins. Account #3 $125 RK2 - Account Open paid til November Crat 220 / 18 pretty well equipped, Inferno Key, was farming Albatraum when I stopped playing, Has two 240+ supple bots, globe of sufference etc. Inferno Key, completed DB quest, I think this char, may have completed DB bracer as well. Trader 211 / 5 OK Equipment, was building to use as tradeskill character. Can already tradeskill most items with use of Org HQ. Plenty of other Gems on account #2 and account #3, but I can't remember who has what or even everything on there anymore. I think account #2 has Ljotur glasses from soloing him. Lots of Pocketboss patterns and albatraum items can be found on Account #3 including inferno pocketboss patterns. 1 of the two accounts has an imbued globe of clarity, most likely Account #2 since that is who I was using it on. . Credits on account are same as day I stopped playing. PM me if you are interested. I will check back frequently. I prefer to trade with someone who is trust-who verified and/or paypal verified.
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