Selling 2x AION collectors ed accounts 50 chanter & 48 spiritmaster

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    Selling the accounts seperately ofc First Account: Level 50 Female Asmodian Chanter Server: Spartalos Will not disclose armoury link, if you are interested ofc, you can ofc contact me and I will provide. Info: 3/5 Fenrils set working on 4th bit (currently have 60 boiling blood stains, all fluxes and 16 hearts to put towards one try) 1/5 Anuhart (gold set/dp set) 2/5 Anuhart (Blue set/dp set) various other epics including 2 staves currently equiped, + a boe staff that is worth maybe around 10-15mill. Good rings/neck/head and belt (most of them gold) 430/449 Armorsmithing 399/399 Cooking Currently at 100 gathering. Has all stigma slots available, and all the spell books avail. Total gold on account is around 12mill + various auctions that are in process worth around 2-3mill. Bank is full of various herbs etc/fluxes and all sorts of other stuff, which is probably worth a bit also. This account comes in clean condition, no warnings etc. Account is prepaid till late january, and has 1 month vet rewards applied, and will be nearing the 2nd months Second account: Level 48 Female Asmodian Spiritmaster Server: Spartalos Again for armoury link, I will provide this if you require this, just poke me. All campaign quests are completed (just have to turn in on final campaign for wings, but the quest objective is complete) Gear: is very nice considering level, several gold items, the rest is mostly blue items from Sr upper and lower, and some pieces from draupnir Cave. Has all spells available and stigmas for current level. 399/399 Cooking 399/399 Gathering close to 399 Alchemy Also Account is currently inactive, however, it will be close to reiveving 1 month vet rewards there is also a level 10 Sorc on this account, with various bits and bobs, used as a banker. again account comes in clean condition, no warnings etc Any questions on these accounts please pm me, and I will be happy to answer all questions. Note: I have not put a price, but we will only consider serious offers only.
Thread Status:
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