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    IF YOU CANNOT VIEW THE IMAGE IN FULLSIZE. RIGHT CLICK AND VIEW IMAGE US SERVER Level 30 account. Season one platnium and has aquired true platnium s1 and currently platnium in S2 22XX ELO 751 Normal Wins. 19XX Riot Points. 29XX Influence Points. 17 Rune Pages Marks: 9x 1.7% Attack Speed 9x 1.7 Armor Pen 9x 0.95 Magic Pen. 9x 0.93% Crit Chance 9x 2.4 Physical Dmg at level 18 9x 0.91 Armor 9x 0.95 Physical Dmg 9x 0.97 Magic Resist Seals: 9x 0.76 Attack Speed 9x 1.2 Mana Regen /5 at level 18 1x 0.29% Cooldown 9x 1.9 Ability Power at level 18 9x 5.3 Health 9x 1.2 Energy Regen/5 At level 18 9x 0.42% Crit Chance 5x 0.63 Energy Regen/5 9x 0.59 Ability Power 9x 2.0 Health Regen/5 at level 18 9x 0.41 Mana Regen/5 9x 1.4 Armor 9x 1.7 Magic Resist at level 18 9x 0.43 Physical Dmg 9x +19 Health at level 18 9x 0.74 Magic Resist Glyphs: 9x 0.64% Attack Speed 9x 0.96% Cooldown at level 18 9x 0.99 Mana Regen /5 at level 18 9x 0.65 Cooldown 9x 3.1 Ability Power at level 18 9x 0.57 Magic Pen 9x 0.28% Crit Chance 9x 0.73 Physical Dmg at level 18 10x 0.99 Ability Power 9x 0.70 Armor 9x 2.9 Energy at level 18 9x 2.7 Magic Resist at level 18 2x 0.28 Physical Dmg 9x 1.5 Magic Resist Quintessences: 3x 3.4% Attack Speed 3x +1.0 Gold per 10 3x 3.3 Armor Pen 3x 1.64% Cooldown 3x 26 Health 3x 1.9 Magic Pen 3x 1.9% Crit Chance 3x 4.5 Physical Dmg at level 18 3x 5.0 Ability power 3x 1.3 Mana Regen /5 3x 4.3 Armor 3x 2.3 Physical Dmg 3x 1.5% Move Speed 3x 2.0% Spell Vamp Bonus 3x 2.0% Lifesteal Bonus 3x 2.7 Health Regen /5 3x 4.5 Magic Resist 3x 2.0% Exp Bonus I have all champions. Skins I have over 50 skins. Notable Skins: Full List of Skins: Victorious Jarvan IV (S1 reward for gold rating - got it from platnium) Unchained Alistar Safari Caitlyn (Legacy) Officer Caitlyn Nightmare Cho'gath UFO Corki (Exclusive) Urf Rider Corki Hot Rod Corki Mundo Skins (All of them! leagueoflegends.wikia/wiki/Dr._Mundo_the_Madman_of_Zaun/SkinsTrivia / 2 legacy and 1 exclusive) Nottingham Ezreal (Legacy) Frosted Ezreal Hillbilly Gragas Snowmerdinger (Exclusive) Nightblade Irelia Sun Goddess Karma Sakura Karma All Kassadin Skins(4 total, 1 exclusive / leagueoflegends.wikia/wiki/Kassadin_the_Void_Walker/SkinsTrivia) All Kayle Skins (5 total, 1 exclusive, 1 legacy / leagueoflegends.wikia/wiki/Kayle_the_Judicator/SkinsTrivia) Deadly Kennen Swamp Master Kennen (Legacy) Karate Kennen Sonoran Kog'maw (Legacy) All Lee Sin Skins Vizer Malzahar (Legacy) Djinn Malzahar Totemic Maokai Festive Maokai(exclusive) Galatic Nasus Ravager Nocturne Haunting Nocturne (Exclusive) Grungy Nunu Brolaf Noxus Poppy (Legacy) Redeemed Riven Crimson Elite Riven Triumphant Ryze (Exclusive) Sabretusk Sejuani Dark Rider Sejuani All Shaco skins except Asylum(4, 1 exclusive(nutcracko mentioned before) Frozen Shen (Legacy) Blood Moon Shen PAX Sivir (Exclusive) Spectacular Sivir (Legacy) Bandit Sivir Huntress Sivir (Expensive / Exclusive) Dragonblade Talon Badger Teemo (Legacy) Buccaneer Tristana Riot Girl Tristana Lil'Slugger Trundle Junkyard Trundle Gangster Twitch Highland Tryndamere (Legacy) Butcher Urgot (Legacy) Vindicator Vayne Aristocrat Vayne Dragon Slayer Vayne Full machine Viktor Prototype Viktor Big Bad Warwick Jade Dragon Wukong Feral Warwick (Legacy) Undertaker Yorick Pentakill Yorrick 16 Legacy Skins 11 Exclusives Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Thanks for looking! I HAVE A LOT MORE SKINS, BUT THESE ARE THE ONES THAT ARE RARE. WE WILL USE THROUGH THIS. NO LOW BALLERS.
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