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    Hi I am selling a 220 keeper AI lvl 15+ The char a has full set of ql 300 Combined Commando (7 pieces), HHAB(Pademonium Access) / inferno boots (Inferno Acess) / HNT / OTAF tank / Full Symbiants / full of IPR's / IP smartly placed / all dreadloch enhancements / / Great PvP char / Char is on RK1 / 220 mil on acc / Weapons: QL 300 OFAB Wolf MK6 Self Equipable. Alternate: QL 200 Supernova (Self Equipable) for pvp. (Aimed Shot maxed) The char is a member of every raidbot and <font color="red does have beast points
    . The character also has a nice PVP title, (pretty high) The character has all the dreadloch items needed. The character also has scorpio's aiming apparatus (or something like that /u/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif // HUD item from pandemonium) The character also has full NCU / Belt / Might of the Revenant The character also has all the twinking items you would imagine ranging from high quality lvl of rings of devine tear drops to armor sets. The character also has a good targetting scope. The character has pvp items that are handy such as Symbio Graft : Feet of Stone // Detain Suspect // Ring (Blinds target for 15 sec) The character has some VP's and some OFAB armor. The character has pads of dedication (enhanced) tons of VTE's etc.. I am selling this account for 360 $ USD. Please e-mail me at [email protected] / via or AIM at Royalwear77. Regards, Sparkie. PS: I decided to renew my post and post furthermore details about the acc. There are not many alts and they are pretty low.
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