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    The first account i am selling has a 42 templar on it and a 31 chanter. Both characters are asmodian and on the server Triniel. They both have very good gear and i would like to get around 150 for this account. I have put a lot of time and effort into it also. He has weaponsmithing at 399 also and alchemy at 300. Here are the picturs of the characters gears. There is also a level 10 sorcerer that has the full level 23 rare cloth set in the storage waiting to be used. It costs about 1mil total for the pieces. Here is a picture of the 42 templars gear. It is all the mist mane gear wich takes a while to get. also the weapon already has a godstone socketed on it which costs about 2mil. The account has about 1.5mil kinah on both characters. Here is the 31 chanters gear. as you can see it is very good =D The second account is much better in my opinion and i am looking to get around 175 for it HOPEFULLY i will accept lower offers if necessary. It is also a collectors edition acount. The account consists of 5 level 30 + characters, the first one is a 41 templar (halfway to 42) which is fully decent geared with a nice weap and shield, the second character is a 30 assassin which has the full level 30 set and is twinked out. He has over 520 physical critical rating so almost every hit is a crit. He is the best geared character on the account and is a very good rift character. The third character is a 31 gladiator with decent gear for his level nothing special. The other character is a 30 sorcere that is almost level 31 about 1 bar away and has normal gear. The last character is a level 30 chanter with decent gear also. Here is a picture of all the characters to prove the account is legit. This picture is the set of the level 30 assassin and it is very nice and easy to kill people her level. I am looking for around 150 for both accounts so hit me up with your offers. I am also paypal veriified and i have rep so scammers dont bother. please message me via aim its the best way to get in contact with me. Thanks!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.