Selling 2 Sorcerers on Perento Elyos. 2 Veteran accounts.Middleman Seller Guide

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    As the title says, I'm selling 2 lvl 55 sorcerers on Perento Elyos. Each sorcerer has it's own veteran account. Account 1: - 55 Sorcerer (Full Eternal) - Full Eternal Balic Lv.55 PvE set with Eternal accessories - Eternal Lv.55 Balic Orb combined with Eternal Lv.55 PvP orb. Enchanted to +15 +3760 Fire.DMG GS -> here's a picture of the "beast" -> i.imgur/dLkov.png - Full Eternal Arena PvP set with Magic Resistance with 3 pieces enchanted to +10 - Full Lv.50 Elite Abyss Set. Enchanted to +10 - 650K Abyss Points - Miragent Holy Templar - Lots of random fun outfits and pets - ~40 Platinum Medals - 5 Arena Tickets (Adventurer's Guide, still boxed) - 515 Master Tailoring - 499 Artisan Alchemy - Veteran Account Account 2: - 55 Sorcerer - Fabled Lv.55 PvE armor with 2 Stormwing pieces - No PvP gear - No Abyss Points (it has 5 unused Major Crowns though) - Lots of random fun stuff and pets - ~30 Platinum Medals - 5 Arena Tickets (Adventurer's Guide, still boxed) - 505 Master Alchemy - 456 Artisan Tailoring - 317 Journeyman Essencetapping - Veteran Account PLEASE BID FOR THE ACCOUNTS WITHOUT GOLD. YOU CAN PURCHASE GOLD FROM ME AT THE RATE OF €0,35/1M WHEN YOU BUY THE ACCOUNT. AGAIN, PLEASE ONLY BID FOR THE CHARACTERS WITH 0 KINAH ON IT. To purchase additional Kinah with the account (or just Kinah only), please head to this thread: [WTS Kinah] Perento Elyos up up
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