Selling 2 Leet and Cheap Accounts!

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    I am redoing a post i had up for my cleric as well as my other acocunt, i am selling both of these accounts because i need a few more hundred dollars for books for college.. stupid school. Im looking for a quick sell to hopefully a repp'd buyer but ill look into all offers. The first account is my level 50 cleric on the server triniel, he is very good geared and has very good server reputation. I am hoping to get around 175 for the account as of now. The second account i am selling is my alt accont, im looking to get around 175 for it also and it has a level 42 templar on it and a level 31 chanter and a level 10 sorcerer. The templar is in all the Mist Mane quest gear and all rares, also has +85 gems in every socket so he has max HP, his sword is a lvl 40 worthy noble sword wich is hard to get and also has a godstone in it that costs 2 mil. Also has about 2 mil in cash on him. The chanter is my twink rifter and he is very good geared for his level, i put about 10 mil into the character so you will own anyone your level. The level 10 has the full fate set ( level 23 rare cloth armor) in his warehouse ready to be equiped at level 23. All armorys are shown below, so if you are at least a little interested send me a message on AIM because i am on 24/7. I am also looking to do the transaction through paypal so please some paypal ready =). Thanks and happy buying! P.S. The templar has his weaponsmithing to 399/400 and is 1/2 done with the master armorsmithing quest, also has 300 alchemy on the account. The 50 cleric has his alchemy maxed out and can make all types of Aether Jelly which sell for a lot. The 50 cleric account has play time til march 1st, and the second account is still active aswell. THESE ARE TWO SEPARATE ACCOUNTS: one with a level 50 cleric on it and a level 18 alt, both on the triniel server. And another account with a 42 templar, 31 chanter, and 10 sorc all on the server triniel. ( ALL CHARS ARE ASMOS ) Just posting this to clear up any future mistakes. Thanks! -------------1ST ACCOUNT ARMORYS--------------- Armory for 50 Cleric ---------------2ND ACCOUNT ARMORYS----------------- Armory for 42 Templar Armory for 31 chanter Here is a picture of the 42 templars weapon, and to show the godstone and all the gems and the +10. Enjoy [​IMG] These are the accounts up for sale so post on this topic before you contact me please, and im on aim 24/7 so even if im afk or Zzz you can still leave offers and i WILL respond.
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