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    The name is Dark Shadowssss
    (Yes four S's, you don't want the girl account)

    It's a jury and has over 65+ slots of clothing. It has 4,000 coins, and 37 diamonds. It has some rares but some were stolen.
    It has nice rare skin.

    The girl account is Dark Shadowsss (SO maybe you did want the girl account first.)
    This has over 120+ clothing slots, over 500 animations. 10 pets, is a judge. Has rare eyes. (Halloween ones and the cartoon ones from when a space dpack came out)
    Has some rares. Is level 24, Almost 25 (Like 10,000 more fame left)

    The next boy account is Kxling Memes and or Darken Shadowsss (Your choice)
    Both are pretty decent, Darken SHadowsss is level 18 and has semi good clothes. Kxlling Memes has cool stuff and face it, thats a pretty killer name.

    The second girl account is WasntEnough Rares - Its a rare account LOOL. It has rares like Goldie, fem, and stuff like that.

    I'm looking for Itunes and or a good robloxs account. The Itunes must be over 35 dollars and or 35 exact. And if we do the Robloxs, the account must have decent items and some robux.)

    I can also split with a 15 dollar itunes and a somewhat decent robloxs. Just depends.

    Contact me @ Instagram - @ MissakiHearts
    If you do not have a Instagram or are afriad to give it out to a total stranger, then contact me via email - @ [email protected]
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