Selling 2 Accounts [Perento]. ( 1 2 3)

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    Hi today i got to sell two aion accounts. Asmo Account on this account i got 53lvl Ranger who got: Elite 30set +10/10/1/8/1 Noble Dark dragon Bow fused with PVPBow. Lakhane Kerchief. Char got 100kAP+. 18Plats. 24k of EC Insygnias like 340+ Alchemy 300+ Essence tapping. and SM Twink 39/40lvl. gold coin book. 2x Daeva set. Gold expert boots. 2x AP rings. 6 month's of Veteran Rewards. SOLD OUT 2th Account, Elyos 51 Cleric who got: 1 part of e40 set, anuhart pants if i remember good (cuz web shows him empty). demolition parts and demolition warhammer. 170k AP+. 12Month Veteran Rewards And 47 Chanter who got: Judgement staff 2/3 parts of e30set +2/4 some blue/gold acc's. Thats all, two accounts, Elyos on Perento and Asmo on perento. if you want to talk on , get some infos or get screenshots PM ME !!!. Link for Cleric:***************************************************** and PM ME for Chanter Link. Price 30-40EURO
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.