Sold Selling! 1* SH27 33Mil Power, 1*Sh 22 9 Mil and 4 farms (sh 13/14/15/16) K 196

Discussion in 'King of Avalon Accounts - Buy Sell Trade' started by Davetheworm, 9/13/17.

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  1. Davetheworm

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    Iam selling my Account and all my other acc from 196. It has. Except the weapon purple gear and yellow armor of wrath.

    Still a Lot of loot in the pocket.

    Heros i got two up to second Star and one nearly maxed on xp

    Only t9 troops on this acc. Round about 160k

    SH 22 is down, but you can have it on top!

    If needed i can give you an proper alliance structure aswell!

    Payment via Neteller or viabuy so usual payment per Bank Transfer possible.

    Line : Davetheworm
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.